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Revved Up for Success: TricorBraun Industrial's Packaging Solution Accelerates Young Powersports Sales 

Young Powersports provides some of the best products in the motorsports industry, including riding gear and equipment, with eight locations in Utah and Idaho. The company’s motto, "Ride Fast. Live Young," is appropriate for how quickly a chance encounter forged a successful packaging design collaboration. 

Such was the case when Austin Smith, parts manager of Young Powersports in Bountiful, Utah, had an unexpected meeting with a TricorBraun Industrial packaging consultant at a gas station. As fate would have it, their shared enthusiasm for motorsports ignited a conversation about Young Powersports’ need to revitalize its existing stock utility jugs to stand apart from its competition.

As a result of this serendipitous meeting, Young Powersports enlisted TricorBraun Industrial to design a packaging solution for utility jugs with the following desired features: 

  • Personalization: A unique way to incorporate the company logo on the utility jug in a distinctive, eye-catching manner. 
  • Durability: A packaging material that would withstand the demanding conditions associated with motorsports activities. 
  • Convenience and Comfort: An ergonomically pleasing design to make the customer experience of handling the jug simpler and easier. 
  • Storage and Safety: A design with a secure closure to prevent motor oil or other liquid leaks during transport. 

Game-Changing Packaging Features 

TricorBraun Industrial designed a five-gallon utility jug for Young Powersports made with high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which can withstand hot and cold temperatures and rough conditions.

“To achieve Young Powersports’ goal for personalization, TricorBraun Industrial recommended embossing the company’s logo, which would provide a textured brand identification effect, unlike printed labels,” said MaKayla Green, account coordinator, TricorBraun Industrial.  “TricorBraun Industrial also recommended positioning the embossed logo on the side of the container, an area most likely to withstand vigorous handling during activity.”

According to Green, unlike other utility containers with handles placed at the top, TricorBraun Industrial proposed a design with a large-grip handle placement on the side to maneuver an easier, more comfortable pour. For user convenience, TricorBraun Industrial recommended a design in which the jugs allow for storage of the spout on the inside. The user temporarily removes the custom top, pulls out the custom spout, and then screws it onto the cap. The design also includes an auto-stop feature on the spout that shuts off the flow and prevents overfilling vehicles. 

Motorsports Enthusiasts Rally Behind Utility Jug to Boost Sales 

“TricorBraun Industrial allowed Young Powersports to differentiate itself from the competition, providing a utility jug solution with features like the auto-stop function not available in other containers on the market. Also, the customer response has been amazing. In fact, we’re constantly restocking our shelves.”

- AUSTIN SMITH, Parts Manager Young Powersports

Smith adds the proof of success is also in comparing sales with other products: “We have containers from other manufacturers in our stores, but the one designed by TricorBraun has outsold the competition at least 10 to 1 just based on the available features.”

Smith also attributes success to the unique collaboration between TricorBraun Industrial and Young Powersports:

“I’ve worked with representatives in this industry who often rely on interactions that come across as artificial. However, with TricorBraun Industrial, the experience is always personal, which is why we will continue to work with the company in the future.”

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