Straight and Neat: Consumers’ Thirst for Spirits is Growing

June 25, 2019 | in Liquor and Spirits

Straight and Neat: Consumers’ Thirst for Spirits is Growing

Pour another round. The spirits industry is enjoying a growth swell.

According to the Distilled Spirits Council, spirits gained market share for the eighth consecutive year, with sales rising to nearly 37 percent of the total alcohol market. Spirits are gaining greater “share of throat,” mostly at the expense of beer, with spirits taking market share away from beers for the eighth straight year, rising 0.7 percent to 36.6 percent share of the total U.S. beverage alcohol market.[1]

We’ve been keeping a pulse on the spirits market for a long time, so the level of industry growth is not surprising. With more than 116 years of packaging expertise, TricorBraun has been advising beverage alcohol brands on how to align packaging with consumer preferences for decades.

There’s a critical connection between packaging design, functionality and the consumer’s evolving lifestyle and needs. We know how spirits brand owners can drive consumer loyalty through packaging – packaging that connects with your target consumers and delivers an exceptional experience.

It starts with understanding the consumer trends and lifestyle behaviors influencing spirits’ growth. In our first  Trends Piece, we examined three major trends that will impact your spirits packaging strategy. In this blog series, we’ll explore four additional trends[2]:

  • Spirits at Home
  • Gifting & Celebration
  • Premium Packaging
  • Consumer Engagement.

Stay tuned every month for a new focus.

Winning in Spirits with Packaging

Spirits brand owners can drive consumer loyalty through packaging that meets consumers preferences and enhances the consumer experience. To achieve this, you need an experienced packaging partner that understands the consumer trends and behaviors that are driving the market. TricorBraun can help you develop meaningful packaging solutions that deliver on consumer preference and ultimately win at the shelf.

Take the next step to win in spirits with packaging by contacting TricorBraun at 800-325-7782 or

[1] The EBCO Spirits Industry Consumer Trend Analysis

[2] Distilled Spirits Council, annual economic briefing, February 2018

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