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Personal Care: Purity Life Health Products

Simple changes make big differences to Environmental Impact

EarthSafe products show us that the simplest changes in the way we live our lives can have tremendous beneficial impacts not only on our own bodies, but also on the environment. EarthSafe’s shampoos, conditioners, hand and body washes and lotions are an easy way to fit these changes into our everyday lives.


Earth-friendly materials used in the manufacture of EarthSafe products minimize negative environmental impact. EarthSafe goes above and beyond the norms of other naturally formulated products in its mission to also provide these products in earth-friendly packaging. TricorBraun assisted Purity Life in designing a consistent line of bottles that accomplish this goal.

“TricorBraun was involved from the idea stage. 100% Post Consumer Resin ‘adds character’ to the line. The color and the label also contribute to the visual appeal of this apothecary-style bottle design. Colored Post Consumer Resin gives the added benefit of increasing the shelf life due to its natural UV protection,” said Colin Dunleavy, TricorBraun Sales Representative."

“As a small company, to execute our EarthSafe launch, we needed partners to contribute to our design and development team. Our open relationship with Colin Dunleavy and TricorBraun were vital to our success.”
— Kathleen Dills, Director of Marketing

Speed to Market

Remarkably, TricorBraun only needed six months to turn Purity Life’s vision into a reality. With extensive hours devoted to communicating with EarthSafe developers, designers, formulators and labeling manufacturers, TricorBraun was able to achieve packaging perfection, always with Purity Life’s mission in mind.

Business Growth

Although EarthSafe is fairly new to the market, the demand for environmentally conscious products is on the rise. Already, the EarthSafe body care line is available in three fragrances as well as an unscented version. TricorBraun has already begun research for new EarthSafe products and will be a part of this venture’s expanding product line in the future.

“TricorBraun took the initiative to work with the developers and showed them many options and sizes for a comprehensive line of products. Packages for the initial launch were selected. We jointly agreed upon the remaining packages to consider for future expansion into cleaning products and multiple sizes," said Dunleavy."

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Purity Life Health Products

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