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TricorBraun Helps KER Hair Care Products Shine with Colorful In-Mold Tube Labeling

When Hair Capital prepared to launch its new line of premium KER hair care products into the salon market, it searched for a dramatic way to outshine the competition, both in dynamic brand image and quality of packaging.

The KER product line combines modern cosmetic technology with natural ingredients, including fruit and plant extracts from around the world.

“These are high-end products,” says Lance Wegner of Hair Capital, “and we wanted them to project that level of quality through unique, eye-catching packaging.”

To develop the packaging for the new KER line, TricorBraun recommended in-mold labeling as a decoration technique that delivers brilliant full-tube graphic coverage, a resilient surface finish, and maximum shelf impact.

“In-mold labeling was the perfect solution,” says Wegner, “and one we would never have found on our own.”

For the labels TricorBraun turned to Viva Healthcare Packaging, whose patented injection molded tube technology and in-mold labeling capability embeds the label in the tube, where it forms an integral part of the wall. This process allows the full surface of the KER tubes to be decorated and gives Hair Capital maximum flexibility in creating exciting brand graphics. The process also eliminates surface decoration that can flake or peel, which Hair Capital had experienced with tubes in the past. The fact that Viva’s all-polypropylene tubes are completely recyclable further reinforces that natural, environmentally friendly KER brand image.

Hair Capital designed the label graphics in-house with guidance from TricorBraun’s designers. The polypropylene labels are printed by Viva. During production, the finished label is inserted into the mold and a proprietary polypropylene resin is injected. Within seconds, the tube is fully formed and decorated in one piece, including the neck, shoulder and body. A polypropylene cap is applied in an immediate secondary step, and within seconds the tube is fully manufactured and ready for filling.

Producing and decorating the tubes in a single injection molding procedure results in dramatic savings in energy and logistics costs. Printing the labels and molding the caps in the same facility also simplifies color-matching the components. Tubes are filled by RNA Corporation, which also blends the KER products.

Brilliant color

The KER tubes take full advantage of Viva’s capabilities. TricorBraun designers and Hair Capital collaborated closely on color choices, use of metallic and pearlescent accents and placement of graphic elements on the labels. TricorBraun also reviewed Hair Capital’s graphic designs to ensure that the images would remain perfect after the tubes were crimped.

“Their expertise was invaluable,” says Wegner, “both in advising us as we designed the labels and in guiding us through this completelyunfamiliar technology.”
—Lance Wegner, Hair Capital

The first 16 SKUs being introduced in the KER line include 13 hair care products and three skin care products. The products are targeted to salons, but will also be sold online, both by the salons and through the Hair Capital website.

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KER Hair Care Products

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