National Association of Container Distributors (NACD)

The annual NACD Packaging Awards are a renowned industry competition featuring the top packages in North America and Canada. TricorBraun has consistently been a top NACD award-winner, earning recognition for packages that showcase the best of what we do for our customers!

2023 Best Green or Sustainable Packaging Category (BRONZE Award)


Dermalogica has pledged to have a minimum of 75% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content by 2025—and the company needed to adapt its packaging to meet this imperative. The key challenge: achieving color consistency on their signature white bottles when converting to PCR. To accomplish this, we developed 1 oz, 1.7 oz, 5.1 oz, 8.4 oz, and 16.9 oz white bottles made from 50% PCR HDPE. We also developed 0.14 oz, 0.45 oz, and 2.6 oz bottles, caps, and sifters in periwinkle blue that are 50% PCR HDPE. The result is a redesigned product line that successfully reproduces the Milk Foliant line’s look and feel while significantly reducing the company’s environmental footprint.

2023 Pet and Vet Category (GOLD Award)


We designed a custom bottle and base for a company that was looking for an easy-to-use/transport, functional package for its Protectus Pour-On Insecticide. The company wanted the package to be branded, premium, and made in the USA. The company also wanted to eliminate any secondary packaging, in essence optimizing for a reduced carbon footprint in the manufacturing/distribution process and eliminating the need to dispose of additional waste in the field. As a bonus, the customer would be able to see, feel, and touch the product on the store shelf. To achieve this vision, we designed a half-gallon HDPE backpack bottle that allows for 64 doses. In addition, the spigot closure and neck finish were designed with a universal fit for use with most tubing and dosing gun designs. We also designed a PP snap-on base for storage of the required accessories. The snap-on base is designed to hold the spigot closure (used for upright or inverted application) and a backpack strap. The straps can be used to wear the backpack or to attach the base to a fencepost for ease of application. The result is a versatile and convenient custom package in which the customer removes the shipping cap, applies the spigot closure, and then attaches standard tubing and a metered dosing gun. Within seconds, the user can apply the insecticide to its herd. Finally, the backpack, base and closures are fully recyclable.  

2023 Pet and Vet Category (BRONZE Award)


Bright Pet Company was looking for new packaging that conveyed the premium value of their dog treats. The key challenge: finding tubs that could be standardized for multiple SKUs and various product weights per tub size. We sourced a series of tub sizes (4 ounce, 16 ounce, 33 ounce, 85 ounce, and 1 gallon) for the pet food company that could successfully maintain package integrity across SKUs. We added in-mold labeling to complete the premium look. The result is packaging and a decoration that pops on the shelf and allows Stewart Dog Treats to stand out from the sea of dog treat products packaged in pouches.

2023 Automotive, Chemical, and General Industrial Category (SILVER Award)


Tommy Car Wash Systems was in a quandary. The bottle they were using for their Touchless Wash chemicals had strength and functionality problems. They had temporarily addressed the issues by adding more plastic—but that left them with a heavy bottle that was increasingly costly to produce. We solved the problem by designing a 2.5-gallon, custom-handled, oblong bottle that includes an opening in the center of the bottle to facilitate the loading of automotive cleaning chemicals into the system. The touchless wash system scores the liner and dispenses the chemicals into a reservoir that then dilutes them with water. The result is a design that addresses package integrity while removing 100 grams of plastic from the bottle—and that achieved UN certification on the first submission.

2023 Automotive, Chemical, and General Industrial Category (BRONZE Award)


We designed a 20-liter HDPE utility jug for Young Power Sports, a company in the automotive and power sports industry that was looking for branded packaging that is made in the USA. To achieve their vision, we designed red, white, and black jugs with the company logo embossed on the side. The jugs allow for storage of the spout on the inside. To use, the consumer temporarily removes the custom top, pulls out the custom spout, and then screws the spout onto the cap. To facilitate pouring accuracy, there is an auto shut-off on the spout. The result is a branded, convenient, and easy-to-use utility jug. 

2023 Beverage (Non-Spirits) Category (SILVER Award)


We created packaging for a company seeking to comply with new state laws requiring child-resistant closures for THC products—as well as to get ahead of requirements coming online in 2023 regarding the addition of post-consumer recycled (PCR) material. We designed a 50 ml PET bottle (with 25% PCR) with a 20 mm neck finish for Ray’s Lemonade’s suite of 12 flavors. The new neck finish was specifically designed to fit a standard 20 mm child-resistant cap. The neck of the bottle is embossed (“Ray’s”). We then sourced a stock child-resistant cap that doubles as a 5 mg dosage cup. We also added a tamper-evident closure. The decoration features colorful shrink sleeves that differentiate the different flavors. The new PCR packaging has enabled the company to triple sales as they expand into new markets.

2023 Household Products Category (SILVER Award)


We designed “Made in Canada” eco-friendly packaging for Whoosh’s screen and device cleaner. The package includes a refillable 500 ml PET bottle that is shipped empty. The consumer fills the bottle with water to the fill line and then inserts the accompanying chemical pod into the neck of the bottle. The sprayer dip tube then punctures a hole in the pod as it is screwed on, releasing the chemicals into the water. A shrink-wrap decoration completes the design. The result is a fully custom package that eliminate single-use bottles and reduces the company’s manufacturing and shipping footprint.

2023 Personal Care Category (BRONZE Award)


For the launch of its Restorative Elements Vitamin C facial serum, ProActiv was looking to create an ombre decoration that featured a baby blue melting into a light peach. To achieve this, we sourced 15 ml and 30 ml glass bottles, which we then sprayed with a gradation color from blue to light peach. We then sprayed stock PP caps and collars in baby blue so that the dropper melts into the bottle. The result is a distinctive package that achieves the company’s vision and pops on the shelf.

2023 Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Category (BRONZE Award)


We designed 139cc and 260cc oblong bottles with a pinched waist for ease of handling and opening for the launch of a new line of over-the-counter products. The decoration is 100% shrink-wrapped with a perforated neck. The vertical messaging on each wrap identifies what the product is used for, enabling consumers to put their different Welly products side-by-side in a medicine cabinet while quickly being able to find what they want. Finally, we branded stock, child-resistant closures with Welly’s signature teal color to complete the look on a distinctive branded family of products.

2022 Automotive, Chemical, and General Industrial Category (Gold Award)

Turtle Wax

Turtle Wax

TricorBraun and AFA Dispensing co-developed on the basis of AFA's Flairosol® (a propellant-free, continuous mist) sprayer technology, Turtle Wax’s Hybrid Solutions Auto Detail Line. We designed a 20-ounce, bullet-style PET bottle and shrink-sleeve decoration, together with the Flairosol® dispense head, to provide a premium aesthetic and sustainable dispensing system, that contains no aerosols, can be refilled and reused, and enables consumers to cover large surfaces with ease.

2022 Beverage/Non-Spirits Category (Gold Award)

Brandywine Coffee Roasters

Brandywine Coffee Roasters

We designed packaging for a coffee company that was looking for a more eco-friendly bag. The company sources its artwork from local designers and needed to be able to silkscreen their custom illustrations in small batches. To achieve their goal, we developed a 12-ounce, block-bottom bag with a pocket zipper that is 60% compostable and 60% renewable. The bag has a Kraft paper finish designed specifically to facilitate silk screening. The result is a sustainable package that provides the perfect canvas for the company’s hand-printed designs.

2022 Beverage/Non-Spirits Category (Silver Award)

Pilot Coffee Roasters

Pilot Coffee Roasters

We designed eco-friendly packaging for a coffee company that deploys a Direct Trade model, buying coffee from small farmers and producers who follow sustainable farming. Pilot Coffee Roasters was looking to move away from conventional foil-based coffee bags. To achieve their goal, we developed a 12-ounce, block-bottom bag with a pocket zipper that is 60% compostable and has all-renewable film layers and degassing valve. The logo is printed onto the package using flexographic printing. The result is more sustainable packaging that reduces the company’s use of fossil fuels and mineral resources, lowers their carbon footprint, and resonates with their brand values.

2022 Beverage/Spirits Category (Silver Award)

O’Neill Vintners & Distillery OMAGE

O’Neill Vintners & Distillery OMAGE

We designed 750 ml and 375 ml bottles for the launch of OMAGE’s VSOP and VS brandies. The narrow, heavy glass bottles are rounded on the sides for ease of holding and pouring. The labels were silkscreened onto the bottle to provide texture and elegance--with the Omage "O" popping in beautiful gold ink. The VSOP bottle is topped with a heavy glass solid closure with a diamond-cut reverse taper. The VS bottle is topped with a plastic, gold closure with a natural cork. The result is bottles that reflect a premium brand and stand out on the shelf. Based on the success of these designs, OMAGE is now moving ahead with the custom bottle and closure design of a higher-end brandy.

2022 Cosmetic Category (Bronze Award)

Mineral Fusion

Mineral Fusion

We sourced packaging for a rebrand of Mineral Fusion’s line of natural cosmetics, identifying stock components that would fit into the company’s existing store displays. Because the components were largely unchanged, the heart of the rebrand involved elevating the stock packaging with decoration: using a blush color for the packaging components along with a custom rose-gold Katani foil hot stamp. We coordinated among suppliers in nine factories in four countries to manufacture the cohesive components that comprise the makeup line. We also sourced an airless bottle with an aluminum collar to match the rose gold foil for the launch of Mineral Fusion’s new face primers.

2022 Cosmetic Category (Silver Award)

Erno Laszlo

Erno Laszlo

We developed packaging for the launch of Erno Laszlo’s new VTM Micro-Essence facial lotion that incorporates a stock bottle and a custom cap. We decorated a 150 ml stock glass bottle to give the product a high-end look—including incorporating a high-shine white spray with a gradient from the top. The clear base of the sprayed bottle enables the unique capsule formula to be visible to the consumer. The bottle decoration also features a silver hot stamp which ties into the hot stamp decoration on the cap. The one-piece PP twist cap is custom-designed and features a decorative beveled edge, an embossed logo with a hot stamp on top of the logo, and a shiny spray varnish. The result is a beautiful black and white design that showcases the Erno Laszlo brand and stands out on the shelf.

2022 Food Category (Gold Award)

Ferrara Candy Company Nerds Twist & Mix

Ferrara Candy Company Nerds Twist & Mix

Ferrara Candy Company came to TricorBraun with a new product packaging design that would allow consumers to indulge in just one flavor or mix-and-match flavors among the strawberry, orange, watermelon, cherry, and lemonade mini-Nerds. With TricorBraun’s recommendation of the custom PP base and lid, and our expertise in engineering, molding and manufacturing platforms, Ferrara Candy Company’s design came to life. The PP base, which is divided into 5 separate compartments, is molded in a special purple color. The lid of the design is a clarified PP lid that consumers can twist; they can then use a little resealable flap to open either their favorite flavor or open between two compartments. The lid includes 5 mini-character engravings for the five flavors—a design that is consistent with the Nerds Twist & Mix label. Both the base and the closure are consumer recyclable.

2022 Household Products Category (Silver Award)

Project Clean

Project Clean

We developed new packaging for a company that makes products “designed for people and the environment.” We designed an ergonomically friendly, squared-off 1 liter bottle made from 100% PCR resin. The square bottle is shipped with a screw cap—and designed so that it can also be used with a trigger sprayer and a Halo closure (both of which are available as part of a purchase kit). We also designed a 100% PCR resin rectangular gallon bottle to distinguish it from all the round gallon bottles in the industrial market. The shapes of each bottles enable more to be packed into a box or shipping on a pallet, further reducing the company’s environmental and carbon footprints. The result is custom packaging that distinguishes Project Clean from other industrial brands and stands out on big-box retail shelves.

2022 Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical Category (Bronze Award)

Biomedical Research dba 4Life

Biomedical Research dba 4Life

We designed a 20-ounce, square HDPE bottle for 4Life’s Gold Factor and Zinc Factor products—powerful and proprietary mineral-based solutions that use precious minerals from the planet. The narrowness of the bottle is designed to be easy and comfortable for their female customer base to hold and pour. The package features a full-body shrink wrap. Finally, custom gold (Gold Factor) and White (Zinc Factor) 38-430 PP closures marry the design with the product.

2022 Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical Category (Gold Award)

Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals was looking for eye-catching packaging for their new edible CBD fruit tarts for sale in natural food stores across the country. To achieve this, we designed 1-ounce and 2-ounce aluminum tins for their strawberry lemon, mango, raspberry lime, and orange pineapple edibles. The screw-on closures allow for easy access to the fruit tarts, and a plastisol liner ensures that the product retains its freshness. The artwork is lithographic printing on aluminum. The result is a package with colors that pop and a design that stands out on the shelf. The brand launch was so successful that the initial run sold out almost immediately.

2021 Best Use of Stock Components (Gold Award) and Beverage/Non-Spirits Category (Gold Award)

Kindness and Mischief Coffee

Kindness and Mischief Coffee

TricorBraun Flex sourced packaging made from 60% compostable and 60% renewable material for Kindness and Mischief, a coffee company with a mission to give back to its community. The bag features a tin tie and a one-way valve at the top for shelf stability. A portion of the bag will break down naturally in a home composter. The design, which features illustrations of members of the Kindness and Mischief team along with community members, is printed on recycled kraft paper using flexographic printing to ensure that the illustrations, logo, and lettering are sharp. The result is a custom coffee bag that links the company to its community, creates delight, and stands out on the shelf.

2021 Best Use of Stock Components (Bronze Award) and Novelty Category (Gold Award)

Eli-Chem Resins Master Cast 1-2-1

Eli-Chem Resins Master Cast 1-2-1

Eli-Chem Resins had a problem: customers who needed to buy their Master Cast 1-2-1 resin and hardener were mistakenly picking up two bottles of either the resin or the hardener. To solve the problem, TricorBraun sourced a pair of interlocking D-shaped bottles; each bottle has a slot on the flat side, enabling the two bottles to slot together. In addition, white and red caps add differentiation between the two products. Selling the products as a single pack further helps Master Cast 1-2-1 to stand out on the shelf.

2021 Best Use of Custom Packaging (Bronze Award) and Cosmetics Category (Gold Award)

Sei Bella Cosmetic Beauty Box

Sei Bella Cosmetic Beauty Box

TricorBraun designed a custom cosmetic beauty box for the customer’s sales representatives to bring to parties, trade shows, and other events. The package is paperboard wrapped in a silkscreened pink paper coating; the drawer knobs are aluminum. Drawers 1–3 contain cosmetic products and mylar covers—and the bottom of each drawer includes a fold-out cardboard piece for shelf or table display. The drawers hold multiple eye shadows, lipstick colors, blushes, and powders with custom display spaces. The bottom drawer is purposely left empty for brushes and other beauty tools. The result is an attractive cosmetic box that beautifully displays its contents in a contained, easy-to-access and transport package. TricorBraun also custom designed a corrugated container with four custom corner protectors to protect the cosmetic beauty box and its products from jostling and damage during shipping.

2021 Automotive, Chemical, and General Industrial Category (Gold Award)

Twister Seal Lids

Twister Seal Lids

Price Container, a TricorBraun company, sourced Twister Seal Lids for retailers who sell storage buckets to consumers. The twist-off lids securely seal onto buckets ranging in size from 3.5–7 gallons. The buckets and lids are used for storing everything from de-icing salt to fertilizer. Because they are made with FDA-certified food grade resin, they can also be used to store both pet and human foods.

2021 Beverage/Spirits Category (Gold Award)

Peg Leg Porker 15-Year Tennessee Bourbon

Peg Leg Porker 15-Year Tennessee Bourbon

TricorBraun developed a limited edition, 15-year blended Tennessee bourbon bottle that embodies the spirit of Peg Leg Porker’s founder, Carey Bringle, who lost a leg to bone cancer. The package begins with a 750 ml heavy flint stock bottle—and every element from there is customized. The design’s signature element is an Italian-made, custom bartop featuring a peg-legged pig made of Zamak metal. The completed package is a unique, high-end product that showcases Peg Leg Porker’s compelling brand story.

2021 Household Products Category (Gold Award)



TricorBraun designed custom large and small bottles for a new line of Kohler kitchen and bath products. The sprayer bottle has a displaced neck finish; the off-center look rebalances the way it feels in the consumer’s hand. The uniquely shaped label panel is color-matched to the bottle; it has straight lines on the sides and is rounded at the top and bottom. The brand name—Kohler —stands out in gold lettering and is embossed on the side of the bottle.

2021 Pet & Vet Category (Gold Award)

Citrus Magic

Citrus Magic

TricorBraun was tasked with redesigning Citrus Magic’s Pet Litter Odor Eliminator to create a package that reflects the natural probiotic formula of the product itself. The bottle, with the mini-hourglass taper near the bottom, is ergonomic and easy-to-use. The green color evokes nature while the orange evokes the citrus of the scent. The large paw print is embossed on the bottle— and the shrink wrap aligns over that

2021 Pet & Vet Category (Bronze Award)

Farnam Vetrolin Bath

Farnam Vetrolin Bath

TricorBraun was tasked with finding a stock bottle for the customer’s launch of a reformulated Vetrolin bath shampoo for equines and dogs. The team sourced a 32-ounce clear PET bottle with a push/pull closure. The new packaging makes it easy for consumers to squeeze and dispense the product with one hand. The new bottle enabled the company to incorporate a shrink wrap to allow for more marketing and labeling space. The result is an ergonomic, aesthetically-pleasing package that stands out on the shelf.

2021 Cosmetics Category (Silver Award)

Sei Bella Holiday Mini Lipstick Collection

Sei Bella Holiday Mini Lipstick Collection

TricorBraun custom designed a holiday mini-lipstick collection that incorporates an inside tray and an outer sleeve. The tray is designed with eight pop-outs in the shape of a starburst to hold the lipstick boxes. Each lipstick box incorporates a custom-color foil hot stamp. The sleeve, which includes the customer’s name, features a colorful ribbon decoration meant to mimic gift wrapping on a present. The result is a gift package that both pops on the shelf and delights when opened.

2021 Household Products Category (Bronze Award)

Cloralex Total Power

Cloralex Total Power

Unlike similar products on the market, Cloralex’s toilet bowl cleaner is filled with the bottle straight up—thus requiring no adjustments to the filling tubes during manufacturing. To achieve this, TricorBraun sourced an angled closure that fits onto an upright bottle opening. The team designed an ergonomic bottle with an off-center look and feel to marry with the closure design. The end result is a bottle that is easy-to-use and differentiates itself from other toilet bowl cleansers on the shelf.

2021 Beverage/Non-Spirits Category (Bronze Award)



TricorBraun Flex developed packaging for a brand whose ethos is simple, elegant, and “less is more.” The company has two products: MUD, a coffee alternative in a custom black tin; and a creamer in a custom white tin. Both are made with 100% organic ingredients, and each ingredient is listed on the package. The reusable and recyclable tins are topped with snuggly fitted pillow lids. A matte finish on the tins ensures that no fingerprints mar the final look as the package sits on the consumer’s shelf.

2020 Bernard M. Seid Best of Show Award

Truman’s Household Cleaning Products

Truman’s Household Cleaning Products

This refillable bottle for Truman’s line of household cleaning products evokes a beaker in a science lab, with the water fill line falling right where the bottle begins to angle outward. The bottle had to fit with an existing sprayer, which works with the customer’s signature chemical cartridges. The result is a package that is simple, functional, and allows the branding on the colorful cartridges to pop.

2020 Best Use of Custom Packaging (Gold Award) and Food Category (Gold Award)

FUNacho Chili and Cheese Sauce

FUNacho Chili and Cheese Sauce

TricorBraun designed an innovative new delivery system for the FUNacho chili and cheese sauce sold in convenience stores, stadiums, and movie theaters around the world. The new system replaces awkward and unwieldy bags with 75-ounce bottles that are simple to use. One bottle of each sauce goes into the bottom chamber for use; a second set of filled bottles preheats in the top chamber until the bottle below is empty and needs replacing. This new delivery system is ergonomic and makes is easy for the end user to insert new and remove used bottles. In addition, this new design allows for evacuation of nearly all of the product.

2020 Best Use of Stock Packaging (Gold Award) and Pet & Vet Category (Silver Award)

MAC + MAYA Pet Vitamins

MAC + MAYA Pet Vitamins

TricorBraun sourced the total package and components, including the liner and decorations, for the MAC + MAYA line of pet vitamins. The stock 16-ounce jar is natural polypropylene (PP) with a spray frosting; the cap is molded and then a water-transfer wood grain decoration is applied. There are also paw print decorations on top of the cap in five different colors for each SKU. The end result is distinctive packaging to mark the customer’s first entry into the pet vitamin market.

2020 Nutritional Category (Gold Award)

Hello Bello Vitamin Line

Hello Bello Vitamin Line

TricorBraun was tasked with finding a stock solution for a square bottle for the Hello Bello Vitamin Line that was both unique and available for an incredibly quick speed to market. The customer needed 1.3 million of the 10-ounce bottles for a product launch three months out. TricorBraun not only sourced the bottles, but the team was also able to differentiate the products with 10 different cap colors to match the labels.

2020 Nutritional Category (Silver Award)

GNC Total Lean

GNC Total Lean

TricorBraun created a custom scoop-in-neck design for GNC’s Total Lean product that holds the protein scoop, eliminating the need for the end user to dig their hands into a giant bottle of protein powder to get the scoop out. The neck is designed so that the scoop can be dropped into the bottle during the manufacturing process, improving ergonomic efficiencies without costing the customer or filler more money. The scoop-in-neck design is hygienic, intuitive, and easy to use.

2020 Household, Chemical & Auto Category (Gold Award)

Green Gobbler Drain Cleaner

Green Gobbler Drain Cleaner

TricorBraun identified domestic manufacturing partners and redesigned the package for EcoClean Solutions’ Green Gobbler Drain Cleaner so that the customer could bring production back to the U.S. and include a “Made in the USA” stamp on their bottles. Working with a molder just 50 miles from the filling site, the team further reduced EcoClean’s manufacturing footprint. The team also addressed the challenge of orienting artwork on a non-round bottle. TricorBraun’s blow molding partner purchased a new steam shrink sleever to properly align four different artwork SKUs on an hourglass-shaped bottle. The end result is a sleek bottle design with vivid, eye-popping artwork to complete the package.

2020 Novelty Category (Gold Award)

Govino Festival Line

Govino Festival Line

TricorBraun designed an injection stretch blow molding (ISBM) manufacturing solution for Govino Festival Line’s non-dishwasher-safe cups. One of the customer’s key concerns was to ensure a smooth lip for drinking (similar to a wine glass). Shifting from an extruded blow molding process allowed for a more efficient process and a more consistent cup—increasing production capacity by 40%. TricorBraun also switched from a non-recyclable material to PET so that the cups are recyclable. The team’s ability to execute on a sophisticated process created a more reliable manufacturing stream for the customer and a more sustainable product.

2020 Beverage/Spirit Category (Silver Award)

Distillerie 3 LACS

Distillerie 3 LACS

This custom gin bottle for Distillerie 3 LACS includes several features that required a high degree of difficulty to execute. The team started by designing the raised triangle, and then engraved the names of the three lakes around the triangle. TricorBraun also added a raised bottom and a punt. It also includes a square shoulder, where the distillery name is engraved. The bottle design and the final package both link the product geographically to Montreal and create a product that stands out on the shelf.

2020 Beverage/Non-Spirit Category (Silver Award)

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

TricorBraun created a package made from 60% plant-based, compostable material for Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, a company with a goal to become more sustainable. The team sourced a bag that includes a zipper and a one-way valve at the top for shelf stability. Once the bag is emptied of beans, these components can be cut off (on a dotted line) by the consumer so that the bulk of the bag is compostable. TricorBraun also updated the design to create a package with a craft feel, and we printed the bag inside out to create texture. In addition, because the white part of the bag is almost see-through, the consumer can see their coffee beans in the package.

2020 Cosmetics Category (Silver Award)

Melaleuca Sei Bella

Melaleuca Sei Bella

This Sei Bella lipstick package has a custom over-shell, cover, and box that are made from 100% recyclable cardboard material. The cover is full color and has a foil hot stamp through the pattern. By silkscreening onto the cardboard, TricorBraun was able to cost-effectively achieve a high-end look with ample decoration space. TricorBraun also supplied the lipstick so that we provided our customer with a product ready to sell.

2020 Pet & Vet Category (Bronze Award)

Happy Pet

Happy Pet

The customer was looking for a pinch-waste oval bottle that was attractive and appropriate for a higher-end product. TricorBraun sourced a stock bottle that met their needs and also achieved an attractive look without a custom design investment.

Prior NACD Awards

2019 Cosmetics: Gold

Sei Bella Moroccan Treasures Eye Shadow, Melaleuca

2019 Pet & Vet: Bronze

Bone Broth, Borderland Food

2019 Food: Bronze

Buzz + Bloom Honey, Sweet Harvest Foods

2019 Nutritional: Bronze

Cellucor C4, Nutrabolt

2019 Drug & Pharmaceutical: Bronze

Simply Balanced Vitamins, Target Corp.

2018 Household Chemical & Automotive, Bernard M. Seid Best of Show Award

Eliminator Weed & Grass Killer, Gro-Tec

2018 Personal Care, Gold

Thymes Body Care Products, CURiO Brands

​2018 Cosmetics, Bronze

Sei Bella Beauty Essential Training Kit, Melaleuca

2018 General Industrial, Silver

DECON Quat 100/Decon Clean, Veltek

2018 General Industrial, Bronze

10 L Carboy, Teldyne-Isco

2018 Beverage, Gold

Peerless Whiskey, Kentucky Peerless Distilling

2018 Food, Gold

Butcher’s Bone Broth, Blower-Dempsay

2018 Drug & Pharmaceutical, Gold

Rogue Nicotine Tablets, PL Developments

2018 Nutritional, Gold

4 Gauge "Load Up Your Guns" Pre-Workout Supplement, Roar Ambition

2018 Nutritional, Silver

Hourglass, Propura Ltd.

2018 Novelty, Gold

BCUP Beer glasses, Fermented Reality

2017 Nutritional: Gold

Performix Iridium, Corr-Jensen

2017 Household Chemical & Auto: Gold

3M Perfect It Boat Care Products, 3M

2017 Cosmetic: Gold

Eufora Conceal, Eufora International

2017 Novelty: Gold

Sesame Street Bubble Bath, Apex/ The Village Company

2017 Cosmetic: Silver

Sei Bella Spring Romance Pallet, Melaleuca Inc.

2017 General Industrial: Silver

DECON-Cycle, Ecolab

2017 Nutritional: Silver

Allmax Hexapro, Allmax Nutrition

2017 Pet & Vet: Silver

No. 20 Coature Volumizing Shampoo, Isle of Dogs

2017 Food: Bronze

Truvia Nectar Stevia Sweetener Blend with Honey, Cargill

2017 General Industrial: Bronze

Pacific Blue Liquid Soap & Hand Sanitizers, Georgia Pacific Professional

2016 Drug & Pharmaceutical: Best in Show

SmartMouth mouthwash, Triumph Pharmaceuticals

2016 General Industrial: Gold

Prestone Stop Leak line, Prestone Products Corporation

2016 Drug & Pharmaceutical: Gold

OxyBump, Oxy Bump Sprays

2016 General Industrial: Silver

PROJUG Titebond Glue, Franklin International

2016 Cosmetics & Personal Care: Bronze

All Nutrient, Chuckles, Inc.

2016 Beverage: Bronze

Arta Tequila, Arta Tequila LLC

2016 Novelty: Bronze

Folk Art Hanging Paint, Plaid

2015 Beverage: Gold

Free Flow Wine, Major China Keg

2015 Best In Show: Winner

3M Patch Plus Primer—4 IN 1, 3M

2015 Drug & Pharmaceutical: Gold

Xrated Whey Protein & Hydra XP Performance Recovery, Hi Health

2015 Novelty: Gold

3M Patch Plus Primer—4 IN 1, 3M

2015 Best In Show: Winner

Drink Blocks, Drink Blocks

2015 General Industrial: Gold

Steriplex SD, sBiomed, LLC

2015 Food: Silver

Milk Magic, Reach Companies LLC

2015 Pet & Vet: Silver

Fur So Fresh, Sergeant's Pet Care Products, Inc.

2015 Household Chemical & Automotive: Silver

Miracle Grow Indoor Plant Food, Orchid Plant Food Mist, Scotts Miracle-Gro

2015 Drug & Pharmaceutical: Bronze

Instant Knockout, Stacked Brands

2015 Novelty: Bronze

Miracle Grow for Christmas Trees, Scotts Miracle-Gro

2015 Cosmetic & Personal Care: Bronze

Willliam Roam Hair Products, Body Lotion and Shower Gel, William Roam / Mansfield-King

2014 Best Of Show

Hello Mouth Wash and Toothpaste, Hello Products, LLC

2014 People's Choice

Hello Breath Spray, Hello - Products, LLC

2014 GOLD Novelty

Hello Breath Spray, Hello - Products, LLC

2014 GOLD Drug & Pharmaceutical

OXY Bump Nasal Spray, Oxy Bump

2014 GOLD Pet & Vet

Sentry Cleanup Line, Sergeant’s Pet Care Products

2014 SILVER Cosmetics & Personal Care

Sei Bella Eye / Lip Color Package, Sei Bella

2014 SILVER Beverage

Altar Herbal Martini, Altar Company

2014 SILVER Drug & Pharmaceutical

Adaptuit, Trivita

2014 SILVER Pet & Vet

Burts Bees for Dogs, Melaleuca

2014 Best Of Show

Sweet Escape, Australian Gold

2014 BRONZE Cosmetics & Personal Care

Sanotex Environmental Surface Wiper, BioMed Protect

2013 BRONZE General Industrial

Hummingbird Feeder with Nectar, Pennington / Central Garden & Pet

2013 GOLD Drug & Pharmaceutical

Inner Armour Anabolic, Nutriblend Foods

2013 GOLD Food

Seafood Crab & Lobster Bites Trays, Quality Foods from the Sea

2013 GOLD Household Chemical & Automotive-Best Use Stock Components

Valspar Color Sample, Max Pax LLC

2013 SILVER Cosmetics & Personal Care

Palmers Cocoa Butter Body Wash, ET Browne Drug, Inc.

2013 SILVER Household Chemical & Automotive

Barkeepers Friend Spray & Foam Cleaner, SerVass Laboratories

2013 BRONZE Beverage

Calgary Stampede Whiskey, Highwood Distillery

2013 BRONZE General Industrial

Sanotracin RTU, BioMed Protect LLC

2013 BRONZE General Industrial– Best Use Stock Components

MAX Fall Arrest Kit, Super Anchor Safety


Hoppe’s Gun Care Wipes, Bushnell Outdoor Products


Roxor Artisan Gin, New Artisan Spirits

2012 GOLD Beverage

Roxor Artisan Gin, New Artisan Spirits

2012 GOLD Cosmetics & Personal Care

Disney Winnie The Pooh Baby Care, New Windsor Brands

2012 GOLD Household Chemical & Automotive

3M Automotive Car Care Products, 3M Automotive Aftermarket Division

2012 GOLD Drug & Pharmaceutical

Transformers Gummi Multivitamins, Purity Life Health Products

2012 GOLD - Pet & Vet

Lickety, Stik, RWM Technologies

2012 SILVER Cosmetics & Personal Care

Cypher Face Instant Bronze, California Tan

2012 SILVER Beverage

Sake G, Sake One

2012 BRONZE General Industrial

Lexel, Sashco

2012 BRONZE Novelty

Anti-Bacterial Children’s Soap, Bath & Body Works


Farouk Royal Treatment Hair Care Line

2011 GOLD Pet & Vet Division

Farouk, Chi Pet Best Friend's Grooming Kit

2011 GOLD Household Chemical & Automotive Division

Sevin, Ready-to-Spray Bug Killer

2011 GOLD Novelty Division

Kama Sutra Co., Kama Sutra Impulse

2011 SILVER Pet & Vet Division

Senproco, Green Groom Shampoos & Conditioners

2011 SILVER Novelty Division

Alix Technologies, World Series of Poker

2011 SILVER Personal Care Division

Farouk, Royal Treatment Hair Care Line

2011 BRONZE Food & Beverage Division

Stillhouse, Los Angeles, The Original Moonshine Corn Whiskey

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