Refillable Packaging

As the global emphasis on sustainability continues to increase, eco-conscious consumers are turning to brands who provide products with refillable or reusable packaging. These sustainable packaging solutions are ideal as they ease demand for virgin materials, reduce energy consumption, can help minimize supply chain issues, prevent trash from piling up in our landfills, and reduce plastic accumulation in our oceans.

TricorBraun has the refillable packaging options to help tell your brand’s sustainability story. Utilize eye-catching graphics and on-pack call-outs as part of a refillable bottle's packaging design to resonate with consumers and drive brand loyalty.

Here are some of the product packaging options we offer that are a good fit for a variety of refillable products in different markets from personal care and beauty industry products to cleaning products and beer.

Aluminum Bottles

Aluminum bottles are a sustainable option that can help reduce single use plastic waste as well. They are 100% recyclable, lightweight, reusable, and refillable. Aluminum bottles can be paired with an all-plastic/mono-material trigger sprayer or pump.

Glass Bottles

Like aluminum bottles, glass bottles are a sustainable alternative to plastic packaging and are 100% recyclable. While glass bottles are not as lightweight as aluminum, they are often seen as more premium. Glass also extends the shelf life of your product, does not contain harmful chemicals that can be released into your product, and is GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) by the FDA.

Small Format Bottles

Small format bottles are utilized for concentrate packaging where concentrated solutions can be diluted at home with water. The small format reduces material use. Small format bottles come in both glass and plastic, each with unique benefits. Glass is 100% recyclable and plastic is better for your shipping footprint since it is lightweight and durable.

Flairosol Fine Mist Sprayer Bottles

PET Flairosol sprayer bottles are reusable and refillable. They are airless, which keeps your product fresher for longer and provide a 98% liquid evacuation, which greatly reduces waste. The Flairosol sprayer bottles are used for packaging water-based liquids.



Spouted stand-up pouches are a convenient solution for refilling rigid packaging. They use less material than rigid bottles, making them lighter and ideal for ecommerce and direct-to-consumer (DTC) shipping, as well as helping reduce packaging waste. The spout delivers clean dispensing and secure sealing.


TricorBraun Flex offers Biotrē™ material flexible packaging for powder or pods. It can hold powder that gets added to water in the refills. Biotrē™ packaging is environmentally friendly and comes in a variety of sizes and formats.


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