Cork Stopper Sizes, Dimensions & FAQ

Chart of different tapered corks and their diameter and meansurements.

Cork Stopper Sizes, Dimensions & FAQ Chart of different tapered corks and their diameter and meansurements.

Cork stoppers are highly regarded for their effectiveness as closures in various industries, particularly in wine and spirits packaging. Cork has been used since around the 17th century to protect bottled wine and spirits; due to its natural physical properties, cork stoppers play a key role in preservation and protection from environmental elements. Later in this blog, we explore the benefits of cork more, however, if you are just getting started and need guidance on what cork sizes you need for your line of products; we’ve created the guide below.

What are the Sizes of Corks? 

Different products require different cork sizes to ensure a proper seal. Here, we detail the various cork sizes available and their corresponding measurements in millimeters (mm). Check out our comprehensive table below; this is intended as a helpful guide, if you need further assistance reach out to our packaging consultants.


Cork Size Number

Top Diameter 

Middle Diameter Bottom Diameter
000 6.3 5.2 3.9 
00 7.9 6.5 5.6
0 9.5 8.5 7.1
2 12.7 10.6 9.5
3 14.2 12.5 10.7
4 15.8 13.6 11.9
5 17.4 15.0 13.5
6 19.0 16.2 14.7
7 20.6 17.4 15.9
8 22.2 19.3 17.1
9 23.8 20.0 18.7
10 25.4 21.2 19.4
11 26.9 23.5 21.0
12 28.5 25.6 22.6
18 38.1 35.4 31.0


How to Size the Bottle

Choosing the right cork size starts with understanding how to measure your bottle or vial effectively. To ensure a snug fit and optimal sealing capability, you need to obtain the inner diameter of the bottle, which is not the same diameter as the neck finish.


Our Cork Stoppers & Closures

Explore our range of cork stoppers and closures, designed to meet diverse packaging requirements. We other three different types of cork ranging from natural or synthetic to specialty bar top closures.

Natural Cork Stoppers:

Ideal for wine bottles and other beverage containers, offering a traditional and elegant closure solution.

Synthetic Cork Stoppers: 

A modern alternative to natural cork, providing consistent sealing performance and durability.

Bar Top Cork Closures: 

A modern and elegeant solution for wine and spirit bottles.


Want to browse some bottle options that would look great with one of these stoppers? TricorBraun has you covered with a great selection of quality-made corked glass bottles and jars to choose from.

As you consider cork stoppers and closures for pairing with your choice of packaging, our packaging consultants are here to assist you. Contact us for expert guidance tailored to your specific packaging challenges. 


Whether you’re looking for a stock package or a groundbreaking custom design, TricorBraun’s proven process will guide your packaging decisions from napkin sketch all the way to the retail shelf.

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