A ‘Transparent’ Dive into Glass Blog Series Part I: Understanding the Benefits

various glass bottles on a table

A ‘Transparent’ Dive into Glass Blog Series Part I: Understanding the Benefits multiple colored glass bottles on a table

Welcome to the first part of TricorBraun’s three-part series on glass material.

Packaging material has several important roles — first and foremost, it should protect and preserve your product. It also influences consumer brand perception and impacts the user experience driving repeat purchases and overall sales. While your packaging material should adhere to your brand and category requirements, there are many reasons why glass is a beneficial choice for a new product launch or redesign. 

There are also several essential factors to consider when deciding if glass material is the right choice for a winning packaging strategy.

We’ll begin the first part of the series with an ideal starting point: understanding the benefits of glass.

  • Infinitely Recyclable - Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled repeatedly without losing its purity or quality. Recycled glass can also be made into new glass bottles and containers. Heating recycled glass requires a lower temperature/melt point than creating glass from virgin materials, saving energy and raw materials and lowering carbon emissions.
  • Reusable - Glass bottles and containers can be endlessly and safely reused as long as they are adequately cleaned.
  • Premium Aesthetic - The premium weight of glass, combined with its ability to decorate in various techniques, conveys to consumers that they are purchasing a high-quality and luxury product.
  • “GRAS” - Glass is generally recognized as safe by The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), giving consumers peace of mind they can avoid any potential health risks. Glass is free of harmful chemicals, so no contaminants are released into the food, beverages and spirits being consumed. It is also non-porous, so there are no interactions between the product and material that will affect its flavor.
  • Extended Shelf Life - Glass bottles have an extended shelf life due to the material’s higher barrier properties and no chemical permeation. Its transparency can also reassure consumers that the product quality is maintained.

If you're considering glass for your packaging strategy or need more direction with your material selection, TricorBraun's award-winning Design & Engineering team can help recommend options and simplify the process. Our team understands all the elements of sustainable packaging and can provide counsel as you begin to evaluate your strategy. For more information, please contact us at marketing@tricorbraun.com.


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