Meet Our Partner the Indiana Pickle Company

Jars of pickles from the Indiana Pickle Co.

Meet Our Partner the Indiana Pickle Company Jars of pickles from the Indiana Pickle Co.

Hailing from the southside of Indianapolis, Indiana native Robert Carmack is putting a special twist on one of America’s favorite snacks.

It all started when he was a kid growing up on a small farm. Every summer Robert’s mother would take crisp garden-fresh cucumbers and pickle them in a whiskey barrel. These pickles were a real treat.

Friends and family from all over town would ask for them as gifts for any occasion. As he grew older he was never able to find another pickle quite like his mother’s. It would be several more years before he would ask for the recipe.

The lightbulb moment happened soon after. Robert explained, “One day while enjoying a local pint, I was thinking about those pickles when the idea hit me like a beer truck. Why not infuse these amazing veggies in local craft beer? Well, you guessed it, using my mother's pickle recipe, I adapted, experimented and, many test batches later, the beer pickle was born.”

Owner of Indiana Pickle Co.

Robert’s hard work is ingrained into the great state of Indiana. All of his pickled products are brined in a local Hoosier craft beer or spirit and it’s exactly what makes Indiana Pickle Company stand out from the crowd.

Like most in this day and age, Robert discovered TricorBraun through a quick internet search.  

As his business grew he needed to find a more reliable source for his glass jars and closures. After testing several jars, Robert made the switch. As he puts it, “(TricorBraun) supplies Indiana Pickle Company with all jars and lids at a price point that is within my small business budget.”

As the Indiana Pickle Company grows we will be right there making sure they are well taken care of with our knowledgeable staff of Packaging Consultants.

“I know that POD will work hard to keep up with the demands of my business. I have total faith that if I need another distinct type of packaging in the future, they will find it.”

We appreciate the kind words and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you and the Indiana Pickle Company.

Jars of Indiana Pickle Co. pickles on a shelf


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