‘Paw-fect’ Packaging That Drives Value with Pet Owners

Woman giving cat and dog treat

‘Paw-fect’ Packaging That Drives Value with Pet Owners Woman giving cat and dog treat

Pet owners love their animals so much that they consider them part of the family. They value products that focus on their pets’ health and wellness, seeking formats that allow them to provide the best care, including: function and convenience; transparency regarding ingredients; and prioritizing the environment.

With the current economic uncertainty, pet owners remain cost-conscious. They are looking to private label and discount brands to save money — especially when product quality and efficacy assurance is clear. On the other hand, consumers are switching and even trading up, in areas that they determine are high value. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) claims and quality assurance can convert consumers.

A solid brand packaging strategy that communicates value to pet owners will enable differentiation from the competition.

Here are four examples:

Powerful Private Label Packaging

As growth in private labels’ share of the market rose by 20% over the past year, private-label pet care brands have an enormous opportunity. For example, Walmart launched Pure Balance PRO+, a private-label line of veterinarian-formulated pet food products available at a price point lower than comparable premium pet foods. The brand illustrates product efficacy through its on-pack messaging, making it an affordable option to prioritize your pet’s health and wellness.

 Target’s Up & Up is a longstanding private label brand that delivers on performance and value and includes a robust line of pet care products at a reduced price. For example, the 24-ounce, 4-in-1 Dog Shampoo features a convenient dispensing closure that releases a shampoo formula with naturally-derived ingredients.



Functional Choices for an Optimal Experience 

Pet brands creating functional snacks and supplements in convenient packaging formats like easy-open lids, resealable pouches, and single-serve portions resonate with pet owners when the health and wellness benefits are clearly communicated through on-pack messaging. Neo Bites recently launched its first meal toppers —in a resealable pouch— designed to address specific digestive concerns with options that feature nutritious superfoods. For pet owner peace of mind, Neo Bites also utilizes the back of its pouch packaging to list the ingredients and their corresponding health benefits. 

Wild One’s Calm Stress & Relaxation Support gummy supplements are made with hemp seed powder, organic chamomile, and organic passionflower. The supplements are available in a plastic container with an easy-open lid to provide optimal convenience and product freshness. 



Responsible Brands: Prioritizing Your Pet and ESG

Consumers are willing to spend more on brands that embrace ESG principles. Hoppers dog treats are available in a resealable pouch, which is a fantastic choice for sustainability because this format uses less material while ensuring quality, freshness, and safety.

Sustainable pet care brands also leverage on-pack labeling so pet owners feel confident in their purchasing decisions. For example, Hoppers uses on-pack messaging to communicate that its sustainable cricket protein-packed products are good for both pets and the planet. In addition, Kin+Kind labels its packaging “Sulfate Free. Paraben Free. Hand Mixed Ethically in the USA.”


Easy Dispensing Options Differentiate by Adding Convenience 

Pet owners value — are likely to purchase and repurchase — brands leveraging convenient packaging formats. NonScents Cat Litter Deodorizer formula works within minutes to completely neutralize cat litter box odors at the source. The container’s flip-top closure is easy, mess-free, and enables easy and quick application to drive a positive consumer experience.

Squeezable pouches, such as Pure Bites Digestion Intestin, are also a suitable dispensing format that makes feeding time easy and mess-free for pet owners. 



Build Your Pet-Care Packaging Strategy with TricorBraun

TricorBraun is available to help pet care brands develop a ‘paw-fect’ packaging strategy that reaches value-driven pet owners. At TricorBraun, we deliver quality, cost-effective packaging solutions driven by consumer insights to differentiate your packaging and facilitate meaningful experiences that drive sales, generate brand loyalty, and increase market share.

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