The Evolution of Value in Personal Care

The Evolution of Value in Personal Care

The Evolution of Value in Personal Care The Evolution of Value in Personal Care

Consumers are prioritizing personal care products that simplify their routines without cutting back on experience. Value in this category is driven by the desire to balance convenience and affordability with sustainability. But streamlining doesn’t mean there isn’t room for small indulgences, and a premium-experience doesn’t have to come at the expense of the environment or a high price point. Brands that can offer both will drive the most value with consumers.

“Value is measured in quality, convenience, and purchase impact rather than currency as consumers trade up and down across categories. Luxury takes on a new definition as consumers evaluate the money vs. time proposition.”

- Mintel, 2021 Global Beauty and Personal Care Trends

Streamlined Routines

Multi-purpose products that streamline skincare or cosmetic routines are booming. Moisturizing gels, serums, creams, and balms that can be applied to both the skin and lips are popular product formats for this category and often lend themselves to highly-concentrated and sustainable formulas. While tinted creams and gels sold in tubes can provide a one-product solution for blush, eyeshadow, and lips.

streamlined routine product packaging

Relevant Packaging Consider responsible formats that include:
Solid Sticks Mono-material, PCR, paper-based
Treatment Pumps All-plastic pumps, aluminum bottles, PCR
Jars Refillable solutions
Tubes Aluminum tubes, mono-material tubes

Trading Up

​Brands that align with consumers values are more likely to benefit from their continued purchase loyalty. At the same time, consumers are increasingly willing to pay more to get more: added value such as brand purpose, brand experience, or product form, accessibility, packaging, can inspire consumers to trade up to a premium or even luxury brand.

​​inspire consumers to trade up to a premium or even luxury brand.

Consumer desire Consider:
Trust Transparency around ingredients and sourcing
Responsibility Sustainable packaging materials or aligning with a social cause
Experience Accessible design, easy dispensing, seamless purchase process
Premiumization Metallic touches, durable materials, reusable or refillable

Trading Down​

Pampering doesn’t have to be expensive. Store and value brands help women trade down on price but not the experience. Value and convenience driven retailers like Dollar General and CVS are stepping into the skincare arena with affordable in-house product lines to rival the national brands they sit next to on shelf.

trading down packaging examples

Consumer desire Consider:
Convenience Access to quality products where they shop
Affordability Leverage cost-effective solutions like stock packaging or tubes
Authenticity Clean, modern, design with friendly, straight-forward language


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