The Top 8 Frequently Asked Questions about Our Design & Engineering Process: Questions 5-8

The Top 8 Frequently Asked Questions about Our Design & Engineering Process: Questions 5-8

The Top 8 Frequently Asked Questions about Our Design & Engineering Process: Questions 5-8 The Top 8 Frequently Asked Questions about Our Design & Engineering Process: Questions 5-8

5. Can you explain the development process?

From project kickoff to execution and evolution, our Design & Engineering process lets you develop commercial-ready custom packaging solutions from concept to shelf. We use our development playbook to follow a proven process that guarantees our customers’ success.

The hard work starts with the identification of consumer trends in order to give you a solid foundation for your custom design. From there, we move into concept development. Our Industrial Design team can innovate and turn your brand story into packaging that will resonate with your customers.

If you already have a design concept, then we will immediately engage our Engineering team to turn your design into cost-effective packaging. From there, we can build your mold, test and validate your package design, and bring your validated design to life through successful commercialization. (See The Key Steps to Commercial-Ready Custom Packaging for details.)

6. How long does it take to design and commercialize a custom package?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer. We will first assess the project requirements, including materials, barrier properties, size, delivery method (ecommerce versus brick and mortar), and so forth. Then we’ll use our project management resources to determine the appropriate timeline, and if and how we can accommodate your desired launch date. If custom is not feasible, we can offer stock options from our extensive supplier network to ensure that we provide a differentiating design that delivers the result you need when you need it.

If custom design is feasible, we’ll provide timing for the manufacturing process and cavitation best suited to your package.

Once your tool is complete, we will need to allow time for sampling, part evaluation, at least one round of tooling modifications, resampling, and a new round of part evaluation and approval.

Ultimately, we will respond to your timeline and ensure that the process is done correctly. From experience, we know that achieving tight timelines requires multiple deadlines to be hit. Solid partnerships throughout the process, including ours with you, are crucial.

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7. Do you manufacture the packaging?

TricorBraun provides all the value-added support and services our customers need outside of physically manufacturing the packaging. Our value proposition is based on both our expertise and our deep and wide relationships with a network of manufacturing partners. Leveraging different vendors for their skill sets and product/packaging expertise means we bring you the best partners for your needs. We innovate based on our customer’s vision and we leverage our global supply chain to execute your custom package.

Because we don’t manufacture the parts ourselves, we aren’t limited by specific operational platforms. We can identify the design that works best for your brand (goals) and the manufacturing location that makes the most sense based on the filling location, platform, and experience in packaging like yours.

8. How do I get started?

Contact us! We’d love to work with you.

To win with custom packaging solutions from our award-winning Design & Engineering team, contact TricorBraun at 800-325-7782 or

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Whether you’re looking for a stock package or a groundbreaking custom design, TricorBraun’s proven process will guide your packaging decisions from napkin sketch all the way to the retail shelf.

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