TricorBraun is the Preferred Distributor of AFA’s Next Generation Sustainable and Rechargeable Flairosol® Sprayer and Bottle Device in the US and Canada 

ST. LOUIS, October 11, 2023 – Global packaging leader TricorBraun announced today that it has signed an agreement with AFA Dispensing Group to be the preferred distributor for AFA’s next generation sustainable and rechargeable Flairosol spray technology dispensing device in the US and Canada. 

Flairosol is designed to replace aerosol packages. It is a propellant-free, non-pressurized system that can be recharged and reused, providing a better, healthier, and more sustainable solution. 

The agreement broadens TricorBraun’s sustainable packaging offerings and as AFA’s preferred distributor, enables it to offer the Flairosol device to customers in the US and Canada in segments including personal care and beauty, nutraceuticals, home and fabric care, animal and pet care, and automotive.  

“At TricorBraun, we are focused on helping our customers become more sustainable,” said Mark O’Bryan, chief operations officer, TricorBraun. “Our Flairosol agreement is another example of our efforts to provide our customers with a vast array of innovative, sustainable packaging options across substrates. We are thrilled to partner with AFA Dispensing Group.”

As an aerosol alternative, Flairosol reduces environmental, health, and safety issues as well as supply chain restrictions and complexities. Without the use of propellants or pressure, Flairosol contains only product and has a more than 98% liquid evacuation rate. Designed to last, the Flairosol spray head can be easily removed and reused multiple times reducing overall waste. The larger head-style device has a prolonged, output and a continuous spray effect that produces an even, fine mist, ultra mist, or foaming spray pattern; the smaller-head design is applicable for the personal care market and on-the-go use. The Flairosol device features sustainability, high performance, and convenience with premium quality and an innovative design.

“TricorBraun shares our commitment to providing innovative solutions that offer better, healthier and more sustainable packaging options, enhancing brands in their differentiation,” said Nir Gadot, CEO, AFA Dispensing Group. “We are excited to partner with TricorBraun to offer this unique technology and we look forward to working with their team to expand into new segments. Flairosol is good for people, good for the planet, and good for business.”

TricorBraun’s agreement with AFA Dispensing Group marks the latest development in the company’s ongoing sustainability journey and continuous efforts to improve its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impact. Read more about TricorBraun’s progress in its inaugural Sustainability Report.

For more information about TricorBraun and AFA’s Flairosol solution, contact

Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

About AFA Dispensing Group
Afa Dispensing (Afa) is a world leader in technologically advanced liquid dispensing systems. AFA’s mission is to disrupt the market with leapfrog-innovation, aiming at superior solutions that delight consumers, offer premium value and are most sustainable. AFA engages with customers to co-create solutions, enhancing brands. Production capabilities include Asia and North America, coupled with logistic support and extensive customer service provided around the globe. AFA’s technology portfolio includes OpUs pre-compression sprayers, Flair double-layer bottle technology as well as Flairosol® next generation spray solutions, the aerosol alternative. 

About TricorBraun 
Founded in 1902, TricorBraun is a global packaging leader. We provide innovative solutions across a wide array of customer end markets in plastic, glass, and aluminum containers, closures, dispensers, tubes, and flexibles. Our award-winning Design & Engineering Center provides forward-thinking design, driven by consumer insight and creative solutions. TricorBraun is comprised of more than 2,000 packaging professionals operating from more than 100 locations across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

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