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    About Bottles & Closures

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Packaging Options That Pair Well With Wines

TricorBraun WinePak has been a fixture in the west coast wine scene since 1982. Our deep industry knowledge and constant focus on quality makes us your best packaging option. Like the rest of the wine industry, we’ve grown. With offices in Northern and Southern California, Oregon, Washington and Canada, we’ve become the largest wine packaging company in North America.

As our close relationships with wineries have matured, our expertise has grown exponentially. We now source high-quality domestic and imported wine bottles in every sought-after color, shape, size and weight. We supply closures to capsules from Stelvin ® in all materials: poly, tin or poly/tin combinations. We also offer eco-friendly bottles and other containers designed to help vintners reduce their carbon footprint. If you don't find just what you're looking for, we'll even help you create it.

Stock Packaging - Classic Shapes In Classic Colors

Wine bottles must capture the beauty of the wine while preserving its unique qualities. Stock bottles offer convenient solutions to most wine packaging needs. TricorBraun WinePak works with major suppliers around the globe whose reputation for quality matches our own.

Customized Packaging - When The Classics Just Won't Do It

If you’re looking for something unique for your wine, we can help. There are many ways we can alter stock packaging to give it a distinct look and feel. In addition, our packaging designers and engineers can design a whole new look for you.

RapidFind® - A Faster Way To Find That Bottle

Finding the right bottle is faster than ever with RapidFind®, our extensive database of wine packaging products. Search by bottle name or by attributes such as capacity or color. When you find what you’re looking for and you’d like more information, just place an inquiry in your RapidRequest folder and we'll get back to you right away.
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