At TricorBraun, we believe business can only flourish in societies where human rights are protected and respected. Our strong view is that long-term, trusting relationships are built on integrity, service, and always doing things the right way. Not only are these beliefs part of our DNA, but they have also been the cornerstone of our success for over a century. Respect for human rights plays an essential role in maintaining these foundational principles and creating communities where customers, suppliers, and TricorBraun team members can thrive. We are committed to respecting and upholding the human rights of all people.

This policy emphasizes TricorBraun’s commitment to basic human rights as a core component of the way we do business and how we engage our team members. To this end, TricorBraun is committed to support and uphold the provision of basic human rights and to eliminate discriminatory practices.

TricorBraun respects the inherent dignity of all persons and seeks to enable all team members to do their best work by embracing and valuing their unique combination of talents, experiences, and perspectives.

While local law or regulation may necessitate a different interpretation or application of this policy, TricorBraun believes that the fundamental values set forth in this policy should serve at a minimum as our global business standards. This policy helps ensure that team members engaged in company business understand their responsibility for upholding human rights and equality in the workplace.

TricorBraun believes that maintaining an environment that fosters open and direct communication between managers and team members is the most effective way to work together and resolve differences.

1.       Scope
The Global Human Rights policy applies to all TricorBraun operations worldwide. TricorBraun expects any parties who do business on TricorBraun’s behalf to conduct business in ways that uphold the principles of this policy.

2.       Definitions: None

3.       Policy Statement
Regardless of the country in which team members work, TricorBraun supports (to the full extent permitted by law), conduct that is consistent with the following four core principles of the International Labor Organization (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work:

•         A prohibition against forced or compulsory labor for any team members (i.e., threatening workers with severe deprivations, such as withholding food or land or wages, physical violence or sexual abuse, or imprisoning workers);

•          A prohibition against the use of child labor. For purposes of this policy, a “child” is anyone under 16 years of age;

•          Team members’ rights to engage in free association and to participate in a collective bargaining process should they so freely, individually, and independently choose; and

•          The promotion, protection, and assurance of the full and equal enjoyment of human rights by all persons, including those with disabilities.

TricorBraun will not tolerate any behavior or actions that conflict with the principles of this policy.

Wages will be paid according to all TricorBraun policies and applicable laws. It is prohibited for any team member to instruct or permit any other employee or individual doing work on TricorBraun’s behalf to work any amount of time for which the employee is deliberately not compensated.

Child Labor Restrictions
When employing anyone under the age of 16, managers must comply with all TricorBraun- established and legally required limitations on minimum hiring age, hours and tasks performed by these team members to ensure any work performed does not hamper the child’s education, health, safety, and mental or physical development. TricorBraun requires team members under the age of 18 to provide a current work permit where legally required.

Prohibition on Discrimination and Harassment
TricorBraun team members are required to uphold the elimination of discriminatory practices and harassment in the workplace as outlined in its Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment.

Freedom of Association, Work Environment and Compensation
TricorBraun respects our team members’ right to individually decide to join or to refrain from joining any lawful organization. The Company is committed to complying with laws pertaining to freedom of association and to promoting a work environment that fosters communication, productivity, and employee engagement.

Protecting Employee Privacy
TricorBraun is committed to providing privacy protection of team member data in accordance with Company policy and applicable laws. TricorBraun has safeguards in place to protect personal data from unauthorized access and disclosure, including limiting access to such data only to those team members with a legitimate business purpose.

Promoting Safety, Health and the Environment
TricorBraun is committed to providing team members with a safe and healthy work environment.

Expectations of our Suppliers
Our relationships with our business partners, including our suppliers, vendors, consultants, and contract labor, are defined by contracts which are based on lawful and ethical practices. We request that our business partners adopt and enforce standards similar to those in this policy and in our Supplier Code of Conduct.

4.       Compliance and Enforcement Responsibilities:
All team members are responsible for supporting human rights in the work environment. It is every employee’s responsibility to:

•       Understand TricorBraun’ Global Human Rights Policy concerning basic human rights and uphold the provision of these rights in the workplace

•       Contribute to a positive experience at TricorBraun, offering inclusion, equity and accessibility to team members and customers

•       Treat each other with respect and dignity

•       Foster free, direct, and open communication among all team members

•       Raise awareness of any behaviors or business situations involving TricorBraun that may compromise the company’s beliefs around the provision of basic human rights.

Team members should immediately report any conduct engaged in or endured by a TricorBraun team member, or any individual conducting business on TricorBraun’s behalf, that is a potential violation of the Global Human Rights Policy. Such a report can be made by contacting the team member’s management team, or Human Resources. Team members who violate this policy may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including immediate termination.


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