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Date: March 15, 2016

Consumer Research Focus Group

Charmaine Laine, Marketing Communications Manager | 630 645 1208

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OAK BROOK, Illinois (March 2 - 3, 2016) – TricorBraun is pleased to announce an upcoming consumer research focus group being held to discuss and gather packaging preferences for traditional non-foaming, foaming and squeeze foam dispensers. Packaging options for a variety of different types of personal care products including liquid hand soap, baby wash and facial cleanser will be explored. An independent market research company will moderate the discussion among four groups over a two day period. The groups will include working and stay-at-home mothers, ages between 30 and 50 with at least one child, three years old or younger in the household.

Consumer Research: foamers

This is the first in a series of TricorBraun consumer research focus groups that are planned for 2016. Insights are gathered directly from consumers during these focus group sessions about what they prefer and how they interact and use packaging in the real world. This insight not only allows our packaging consultants to better position available packaging solutions but it also provides a foundation for the functionality and aesthetics to win in the marketplace.

Not only does this research become a foundation for understanding but it allows TricorBraun to identify future design opportunities in this category and crossover use in other categories. According to Becky Donner, VP of Design & Market Insight at TricorBraun, “We continue to be committed to an exploration of consumer preferences in order to deliver insight-driven package solution concepts that are innovative, yet mindful of real world constraints. By looking inside the mind of the consumer and gleaning a picture of how and why they use products, we are able to elevate every aspect of packaging design to help you win on shelf as well as help consumers win at home."


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