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Date: August 07, 2014

Sleek, Slick And Primed For TV


A product being sold via television infomercials has a different “shelf impact” challenge than one selling from a retail shelf. The package can’t be touched and handled, an act that usually results in a product going into a shopping cart. The consumer also can’t compare it to its close competitors, which, in a store, would be standing on the same shelf. Because of this, it needs to have extraordinary visual appeal to project its value from the electronic screen and grab the viewer’s attention.

Nutritional product manufacturer TriVitaâ brought this challenge to the TricorBraun Design & Innovation design team in 2012. The mandate was to create packaging for its new Adaptuitä nutritional supplement that would give it a powerful visual appeal to capture the attention of television consumers and effectively carry the message of its health benefits.

Adaptuit is a powerful, pharmaceutical-grade, quality nutritional supplement that combats the damaging effects of the stresses of active modern life including mental, physical, environmental and emotional stressors. It contains 10 natural plant and herbal extracts with adaptogenic qualities that help the body respond to stressful situations.

TriVita not only wanted this premium product to stand alone—to be distinctive from in-store stress relief products––but also to be distinct from other TriVita products. And while Adaptuit is not a gender-specific product, it is primarily targeted to women so TriVita also wanted the package to have a strong feminine appeal while not alienating men. In the design brief that TriVita developed for the Adaptuit package, it envisioned a unique, 32-ounce custom bottle teamed up with a shrink sleeve label carrying distinctive graphics. It wanted the bottle shape to be unique and memorable and to project a premium aura.

As an added challenge, the TricorBraun Design & Innovation Team faced a compressed time frame to develop the bottle and graphic designs. The Creative Design Team responsible for the bottle design immediately began developing several bottle concepts that met the client’s key objectives. Then, as soon as TriVita chose a final bottle concept, the Graphic Design Team responsible for the label graphics began working on shrink sleeve graphics even though the final bottle had not yet been engineered. Until the bottle was finalized, the team was able to lay the graphics out on a placeholder shrink sleeve template, enabling TriVita to review and approve the sleeve graphics at the same time as the bottle was being finalized. This resulted in a time savings that was made possible only because TricorBraun’s structural designers, graphic designers and package engineers all function together under one roof as TricorBraun Design & Innovation.

By using this overlapping design technique, the teams were able to bring the bottle and shrink sleeve graphics together in record time and the launch went off as planned. The Adaptuit bottle has since been viewed in TriVita’s televised infomercials, in its print ads and catalog, and on the TriVita web site, all with equal success.

“We are thrilled with the finished product,” said TriVita Product Marketing Director, Sargon Daniel. “We have received nothing but compliments about the uniqueness of the bottle shape and the beautiful graphic design. We achieved our goal of creating a unique design that captures the emotions we wanted to evoke.”

In 2013, Graphic Design USA added to this success by presenting TricorBraun with its American Graphic Design Award for the Adaptuit shrink sleeve graphics.

TricorBraun Design & Innovation Group is a business unit of TricorBraun, one of North America’s leading providers of bottles, jars, and other rigid packaging components. The Group’s primary mission is to design, engineer and manage the development, production and delivery of customized rigid packaging solutions for personal care, cosmetics, healthcare, food and beverages and industrial and household chemical products. It is supported by TricorBraun’s more than 40 offices globally. TricorBraun holds one of the largest inventories of rigid packaging components worldwide.

Source: TricorBraun Design & Innovation

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